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Planting Service

Home Owner Installation

We install trees for home owners and businesses. Usually, a trip to your house is required for final quote and to see if a utility stake-out is required. If additional landscaping work is needed, we can refer you to someone qualified.

When planting large trees, we use a Bobcat with a tree spade. This is a fairly heavy machine that may cause some lawn damage and/or ruts. We try to keep damage to a minimum and only plant during dry soil conditions.

We can plant all summer long nursery stock that is already dug, balled and burlapped. What we cannot do is dig NEW nursery stock at this time of the year (when plants are actively growing).

Installation Retail Pricing
Prices are determined by quantity of trees to be planted, size of trees, equipment to be used, and distance from nursery. Final quotes will be given after we visit your home.

Due to the nature of installing large trees and the equipment used, we cannot be held responsible for any lawn damage before or after job is completed. Again, if any landscaping or repair is needed, we can make a referral to you.

Transplanting Services
We can move existing trees at your home in the Spring and Fall. Again, a visit is required to your home for a final quote.

One year warranty applies to nursery stock purchased at full retail price only and is as follows:

One year from date of purchase, one-time plant replacement guarantee only. NO CASH REFUNDS. Sales receipt required and subject to availability of same plant material. We reserve the right to substitute similar size and/or variety.