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On days/nights it is expected to snow, someone is riding around measuring snow in each ‘zone’/or each route.  There can be a big difference in the amount of snow from one part of Greece to another.

When the snow is 3″ deep, we start snowblowing driveways.  We use six tractors.  Our tractors are equipped with a 92″ rear-mounted snowblower.

Currently, there are six routes in Greece that each take about four hours to complete.  Where you are on the route determines when you will get plowed next.

EXAMPLE:  It is 5:00 am and it is snowing 1″ an hour.

If your home is 3 hours into the route, we started at 3″ then one must add 1″ more, +1″ more, +1″ more = 6 inches of snow will be on your driveway when we arrive at approximately 8:00 am.

WE CANNOT GUARANTEE AT TIME DUE TO MANY VARIABLES:  What time the snow begins to fall, the rate at which it is falling, traffic, etc.  Sometimes, we must POSTPONE the starting time for safety concerns,  such as Rush Hour Traffic or Blizzard Conditions.  On normal snowfall occasions, we do not wait until daylight….if the snow measures 3″ at 3:00 am, our drivers are dispatched!